This is me. I have much longer hair now, though, so if you saw me, you'd be hard pressed to recognize me. I am a computer programmer at heart - I've made numerous programs, some of which may become available online in the future. I stand about 6'1", with long brown hair and blue eyes, and I have fuzzy sideburns. I have two computers - one 486 dx/33 which we acquired in the spring of '91 or '92 (can't remember which), and a much more powerful Pentium II/266 which we bought via mail order in August. I particularly like the video card, the Matrox Millenium II, said to be the fastest under the Linux operating system, with 8 megs of ram, enough for a virtual desktop 2048x1536 pixels large! (This is twice as wide and as high as the resolution which I commonly use - 1024x768 pixels) I also like the speaker system - Altec Lansing ACS-290 speakers w/ subwoofer. The floor shakes when I play games like Quake or Shadow Warrior. Anyhow, enough talk of my computer. During the summer of '97 I got a summer job with Powerland computers. At first I was in the service area, but when they received an order for 356 computers from Winnipeg School Division #1, I was reassigned to building computers. Fortunately, my contract was only 2 weeks long - building computers is fun, until you've done it 50 times. Then it's almost as bad as flipping hamburgers. Oh well - my first job.. the first time I've ever gotten a cheque in my name for over $350 =} Except for an incident about 8 months ago (if I remember correctly). I was bicycling home from Cinema City 8. To be more specific, at the time I was just about to cross over a turnout from Bishop Grandin onto Pembina, when I suddenly saw a dark car speeding towards me without it's headlights on. I swerved to the left to try to avoid it, and my bike slid out under the car. I rolled away from my bike and then watched in disbelief as the driver, piss drunk, proceeded to speed off down Pembina with my $375 bike still caught underneath his car. Half crying, and limping, because I had hit my knee against the side of his car, I walked back to the cinema where I was allowed to use a phone (I had no money on me). I phoned my dad and he came to pick me up. When we got home, my mom said to get back into the car and go to the police station. Apparently, they had caught the guy, and had been waiting for our phone call to identify the owner of the bike. The bike was totally trashed - one half of the handlebars was twisted 80 degrees downwards, and the other half was worn down 4 or 5 inches from friction against the pavement. Amazingly, the frame was in perfect condition bar a couple of minor scratches, and the wheels were not visibly bent. Autopac took the bike, though, and handed me a cheque for $500. I still haven't bought a new bike, two thirds of a year later - I'm planning on buying one next spring. Anyhow, I'm pretty much recovered from that experience now. Now that I don't have a bike, though, I have to find other kinds of exercise - sports just plain don't turn me on. So, I go rollerblading every Thursday from 6:30 to 9:30 at the Saint's Roller Skating Center. Anyhow, I've pretty much exhausted my creative powers for now. You can email me at if you want to contact me. TTFN, see you on IRC as logiclrd in #qbasic.
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