The following people have excelled at the game of slots that I run on EFNet IRC on the channel #slots by getting in excess of two hundred million tokens starting from a mere 25:

Nick-S-208077879 tokens
nigger200107975 tokens
drugen210573195 tokens
drugen201545179 tokens
jcd200352179 tokens
NickS201575385 tokens
Pasco215882240 tokens
Pasco225219689 tokens
logiclrd202563588 tokens
logiclrd238954711 tokens
logiclrd207055588 tokens
logiclrd228521633 tokens
logiclrd229867972 tokens
logiclrd256172987 tokens
Pasco277589310 tokens
logiclrd271492203 tokens
logiclrd267208219 tokens
logiclrd214325219 tokens
logiclrd212805413 tokens
logiclrd260616596 tokens
logiclrd237364733 tokens
logiclrd228441345 tokens
logiclrd226935067 tokens
logiclrd221273374 tokens
logiclrd204829469 tokens
logiclrd255780283 tokens
logiclrd262237337 tokens
logiclrd200726618 tokens
logiclrd240151332 tokens
logiclrd214670230 tokens
Pasco209077491 tokens
logiclrd261078844 tokens
Pasco219506194 tokens
logiclrd430761389 tokens
logiclrd203735620 tokens
logiclrd217967819 tokens
logiclrd206241396 tokens
logiclrd230000937 tokens
logiclrd283460132 tokens
logiclrd204307509 tokens
logiclrd219109298 tokens
logiclrd210472535 tokens
logiclrd221339917 tokens
logiclrd234159033 tokens
logiclrd370448475 tokens
logiclrd207090551 tokens
logiclrd279854635 tokens
logiclrd212044654 tokens
logiclrd267855789 tokens
logiclrd247488128 tokens
logiclrd212474299 tokens
logiclrd208966435 tokens
logiclrd200374923 tokens
logiclrd256619408 tokens
logiclrd314545012 tokens
logiclrd221603024 tokens
logiclrd227495890 tokens
logiclrd237051761 tokens
logiclrd218180534 tokens
logiclrd314198181 tokens
logiclrd222490227 tokens
logiclrd202475300 tokens
logiclrd205432923 tokens
logiclrd270065985 tokens
Nick-S200634462 tokens
Pasco255887010 tokens
Pasco250142822 tokens
asvisn251196934 tokens